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Monday 20 May 2024

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Monday 20 May 2024

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    Valdarno: the appeal to create an exhibition on the glass tradition

    The association of Valdarno glassmakers calls upon citizens to support them to collect testimonies and historical material relating to glass and the territory in order to set up a temporary exhibition. An initiative that goes well with the celebration ofInternational Year of Glass

    Towards the glass museum

    THEAvv, association of glassmakers from Valdarno and friends of glass, founded with the aim of protecting and safeguarding the heritage linked to the ancient glass craft, invites residents to take an active part in setting up a temporary exhibition in the premises of the IVV (Industria Vetraria Valdarnese). It is a first step towards achieving the primary objective: the realization of the Valdarno Glass Museum.

    An exhibition factory

    The project intends to enhance the industrial area, creating an exhibition precisely where Valdarno glass is still produced. The factory is thus transformed into a place of knowledge and sharing. The exhibition itinerary will in fact focus on the history of glass production from antiquity to the contemporary, with attention to the protagonists of this long tradition: from people to objects, from materials to production techniques, through continuous evolution.

    Intertwining between past and present

    The goal, according to the will of Avv, is to combine memory and progress through the comparison between ancient and modern productions. The intent to trace a line of continuity and rupture in the uses, models and social contexts of production and the economy of the territory is linked to the desire to give concreteness and grant a physical space to the collective memory, which nourishes the glass reality of Valdarno.

    The call to action

    For the making of a participated museum a collaboration campaign with the citizens of Valdarno is therefore necessary. In fact, the lawyer intends to collect photographs, documents, press cuttings and historical glass objects in temporary storage for the preparation of the exhibition. But also the oral testimonies of those who have made and are part of the Valdarno glass history. 


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