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Thursday 18 July 2024

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Thursday 18 July 2024

automatic translation

    The CUGHER method: redefining specialized consultation

    Cugher is internationally recognized for its consolidated experience in the flat glass screen printing process, whose highly technological machinery is able to print large and small formats of any shape. The printing machines are flanked by drying ovens, handling systems and vision systems for quality control that integrate perfectly to form automatic and synchronized lines, compatible with the principles of industry 4.0.

    The company deals directly with both the design and production of stand-alone machines and turnkey plants for the following sectors: Automotive, Building & Interior Design, Home Appliance and Solar. 

    In addition to highly specialized know-how and the development of innovative and high-performance technologies, which allow the development of the vast range of solutions described above, how does Cugher's consultancy approach differ from other companies?

    Walk alongside the customer

    From the early stages of the project, the technical-commercial team collaborates closely with the customer, to identify the correct specifications, exchanging knowledge and useful information to find the correct approach to the problem. In fact, there is no standard solution and each project requires all the experience and technical ability, acquired over the years, to configure the ideal solution. The customization of each product is in fact the consequence of this method: perfectly adapting the machinery or plant following the customer's production standards.

    Open communication

    The continuous comparison leads to the elaboration of various versions of the project layout, until the solution that satisfies all the requirements is identified, including optimization of space, productivity and interfacing with other components of the line. 

    Following the customer from the early stages of the contract, through each subsequent stage of the project, ensuring continuous support even in post-sales is Cugher's approach to gaining his trust and guaranteeing his satisfaction. 

    Technologies to strengthen the service

    The customer-oriented approach is the engine for Cugher of constant innovations and changes in order to always offer the best service, in line with the times. For example, a few years ago, a ticketing system managed by a dedicated Help Desk team was introduced to quickly coordinate customer assistance. Smart-glasses have also recently been introduced, special glasses that allow the operator to work freely, sharing the view in real time with a remote technician in the event of checks or problems on the machine. Even the birth of the Architectural LAB, the research center for solutions in the construction sector, was founded with the aim of supplying customized and specific products for each existence. Lastly, how not to mention EVA, the brand new system configurator just presented during Glasstec, which shows the customer its ideal line through an immersive experience using augmented reality.

    A solid team

    Relying on a team of experts means being able to obtain new solutions to achieve concrete results, as well as developing new know-how to achieve the necessary effectiveness and efficiency in the production process. This is why Cugher does not want to be just a supplier of systems, but a specialized partner for each customer.

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