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Thursday 20 June 2024

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Thursday 20 June 2024

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    Savings, sustainability and design, the photovoltaic windows sign the hat-trick

    The path towards smart cities is equipped with a new technology capable of combining energy efficiency and design. The new frontier of renewable energies is in fact represented by transparent photovoltaic windows.

    Performance and aesthetics

    The numerous incentives made available by governments and the reduction in costs have favored a wider diffusion of photovoltaic systems. However, the complex process of installing the panels and the not always convincing aesthetic result are two significant obstacles for consumers.
    These considerations have encouraged the research in the technological field for the construction of photovoltaic windows. In fact, they make it possible to merge excellent energy performance e un simple, clean and elegant design.

    The advantages of BiPV panels

    Photovoltaic windows, called in technical jargon BiPV panels (Building integrated Photovoltaic), can contribute to the manufacture of sustainable buildings in both residential and industrial and commercial settings.
    The transparent modules in fact provide a valuable contribution to the reduction of polluting emissions. And they have the considerable advantage, in addition of course to the production of electricity, of letting the sun's rays filter, like normal glass, illuminating living or working spaces.

    Differences with photovoltaic systems

    The transparent photovoltaic panels fit perfectly into any architectural context, without distorting the structure. Unlike photovoltaic systems, the panels described here can in fact be installed very simply, replacing traditional glass.
    Being part of the building system and energy generators, BiPV systems also allow for reduce initial investment costs, related to manpower and materials necessary for the construction of a photovoltaic system. 

    In a nutshell, transparent photovoltaic windows represent the ideal solution for smart properties and owners, who are very attentive totechnology as to the expense


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