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Friday 21 June 2024

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Friday 21 June 2024

automatic translation

    Process Evolution: digital opportunities for manufacturing

    Manufacturing is a constantly evolving industry and new technologies push towards process improvement by identifying efficiencies and production trends. The sector does not seem to want to stop and is in a phase of strong growth. 2022 seems to confirm this trend, highlighting an industry increasingly based on an interaction between man and machine: from the Metaverse (we have already talked about it here: to the IIoT.

    The synergy between best digital operations, superior quality HMI, renewed hardware infrastructures and cloud networking, will facilitate the design of components, allow testing activities, facilitate collaboration and speed up the realization of products. The fruits of this evolution in the digital world are already evident overseas. In fact, the value of deals in the manufacturing sector in the US increased by 91% in the first half of 2021 compared to the previous year. The key drivers of these operations were innovation and digital transformation.

    What could be a way for manufacturing companies to better implement digital technologies?
    It is now clear that hardware companies need to partner with external partners, especially when trying to incorporate new technologies into their processes and operations. In an increasingly complex world, businesses need external expertise. Once you understand the use and potential of the technology you want to incorporate, choosing the right partner becomes a strategic pillar that positively influences the success rate in achieving the goal.

    ENHANCERS S.p.a. is the first Italian digital factory that for over 11 years has established itself as a reference point for digital transformation, thanks to projects carried out for leading companies in the manufacturing industry, and beyond. Our work consists in creating custom digital solutions with a focus on the front end experience, both for end-users, installers and internal users.

    Here you will find our working methodology:
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