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Sunday 23 June 2024

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Sunday 23 June 2024

automatic translation

    Assovetro and GSE: agreement for the decarbonisation of the supply chain

    A few weeks ago we tried to outline the crucial Italian glass roadmap for decarbonisation. From the data provided by Assovetro, the commitment of the glass industrialists was extremely evident...

    Companies fighting for the circularity of hollow glass

    In an increasingly fragile environmental context, companies have the responsibility to adopt sustainable practices that promote the circularity of materials and products. When it comes to...

    Selective or low-emissivity glass for your windows and doors: choice guide

    It may seem like a secondary issue when building or renovating a house, but we assure you that you will not regret putting it on your priority list. The choice of...

    Goodbye to Lloyd Wright's Glass Church

    An iconic place for pop culture, teenagers in the 2000s will remember it for being the setting for weddings and funerals in the generational TV series The OC, is about to (temporarily) close its doors: the Wayfarers Chapel, the wonderful Glass Church designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr., a historic landmark for an entire community, will be dismantled. A paradise...

    Identifies the technologies dedicated to flat glass 

    It distinguishes the technologies dedicated to hollow glass

    It is the thematic path dedicated to technologies for windows and frames

    It gathers the Exhibitors who orient their offer to the use of solar energy

    It groups together the companies that supply components to the automotive sector

    Highlights the companies that dedicate their production to printing and coating

    It focuses on companies that dedicate their activities to reduce the impact on the environment

    Highlights the companies that, through specific protocols and also thanks to the continuous progress of research, certify and enhance increasingly cutting-edge performance

    It characterizes the bodies dedicated to the research and development of new technologies

    This is the thematic path dedicated to computer systems, numerical controls and all support software for the development of technologies