Thursday 26 January 2023

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Thursday 26 January 2023

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    The Italian Technology Awards IN OCMI-OTG

    On Wednesday 18 February 2023 OCMI-OTG had the pleasure of welcoming a group of students and professors selected to its headquarters in Milan for...

    Furnishing solutions: how to exploit the atmospheres produced by frosted glass?

    The full transparency of glass is not desirable in every context. Where a certain level of privacy must be guaranteed, it is advisable to resort to satin finishing, a process that allows...

    From antiquity to space probes: the evolution of glass on display in Padua

    The closing ceremony of the International Year of Glass, held on Wednesday 14 December at the United Nations Headquarters, did not interrupt the projects aimed at witnessing and...

    The Italian recycling industry is breaking records, but it is not satisfied

    The boost given by Legislative Decree 22 of 5 February 1997 has transformed Italy into one of the leading countries in waste recycling at European level. In less than 25 years, the Italian recycling industry has experienced a surprising quantitative and qualitative growth, through the punctual application of the articles of Legislative Decree 22/1997. The Decree From that moment on, there was in fact...

    Identifies the technologies dedicated to flat glass 

    It distinguishes the technologies dedicated to hollow glass

    It is the thematic path dedicated to technologies for windows and frames

    It gathers the Exhibitors who orient their offer to the use of solar energy

    It groups together the companies that supply components to the automotive sector

    Highlights the companies that dedicate their production to printing and coating