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Friday 21 June 2024

automatic translation

Friday 21 June 2024

automatic translation

    KSD-A - Vertical edge and grinding machine with LiTEC slider technology

    The KSD-A from LiSEC is currently the fastest vertical seaming and grinding machine with peripheral wheels. The machine combines massive processing flexibility with stable and reliably high quality.

    How is the KSD-A configured?
    Depending on the machine length, the KSD-A consists of several elements in a modular construction. At the heart of the system is the processing tower with a high-speed X-axis for glass transport and optionally one or two processing heads mounted on separate vertical axes. The perfect waterproofing of the axes ensures long-term stability and easy accessibility.

    How does the KSD-A work?
    The KSD-A was developed for the fastest possible cycle times and the greatest possible flexibility. The sheet is received by a high-speed axis with suction cups, which measures the position of the sheet at all times. After automatic measurement of the height of the glass sheet "on the fly", the edge is seamed or ground in an arbitrary number of cycles. The flexible tool configuration allows processing of different glass thicknesses without changing tools.

    What advantages does the machine offer?
    The two greatest advantages of the system are the perfect seaming quality - independent of the quality of the cut glass - and the outstanding processing flexibility. The newly developed and patent-pending floating tool of the LiTEC slider series ensures perfect edge seaming and grinding results even with poorly cut or faulty glass. LiTEC slider seaming and grinding tools use water pressure to feed the tool. This enables highly ergonomic and efficient feeding of the processing tool to the glass.

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