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Friday 21 June 2024

automatic translation

Friday 21 June 2024

automatic translation

    Integrated solutions by OCMI-OTG S.p.a. 

    The continuous growth of OCMI-OTG S.p.a. as a world leader in the supply of complete lines for the production of borosilicate glass containers for pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, further accelerated by the recent acquisition of the Spanish company Kyp Accessories, is leading to a growing consolidation of the Research and Development activity inside the group.

    The integration of range of solutions between the two companies is involving many equipment for which OCMI-OTG S.p.a. has now double options available, all complementary to the basic vials and ampoules prodution lines developed in the different factories of OCMI-OTG S.p.a. (Milan – Italy), MODERNE MECANIQUE (Chelles – France) and Kyp Accesories (Madrid – Spain).
    New options are available in auxiliary and critical operations like tube loading, ampoules quality control, OPC and automatic packing.
    Automatic loader Roboglass can be easily installed even with limited available space thanks to its compact configuration. It has been successfully tested with all ampoules and vials forming machines developed by OCMI-OTG S.p.a. companies. The tubes are stored in a storage area with capacity of 4/5 tubes packages and lifted one by one up to the loading position.
    The working concept of this tube loader consists in loading the tube into the empty station while the next one is waiting in pre-loading position so that any station is remaining empty at he beginning of each machine revolution.

    The automatic loader Robokyp, on the other side, doesn’t need the loading of the glass tube packages into one loading area but the equipment picks the single tube directly from the package through a dedicated robot.
    Both loaders are suitable to be connected with ampoule and vial forming machines, with index or continuous rotation.

    OPTISTEM/2 control system for dimensional inspection to be installed on 30 and 36 stations ampoule forming machines by OCMI-OTG S.p.a. is now available with two cameras respectively dedicated to check the heating level of each glass tube and the dimensions of the finished ampoules.
    According to the data coming from the first camera the two last burners placed before the glass stretching area change their action on the glass tube. This action of the flames, according to the two different versions of the system now available by OCMI-OTG S.p.a., can be adjusted operating on the oxygen level or on the timing and distance of the burner from the tube.
    In both cases the trend of each dimensions can be controlled from the control panel of the system installed on the after-forming line separately or integrated into the forming machine cabinet.

    Continuing on the after-forming line, the OPC device, applying point and cut for alternative ampoule breaking system, is now available in two alternative versions.
    One of the devices to be supplied by OCMI-OTG S.p.a. applies the point of ink through syringe where the vacuum used to spray the ink and the vacuum to retain it into the needle are controlled by control panel. The same control panel allows to check the timing of the cut application through the visual signal coming from the vibration due to the contact between cutting disk and ampoule surface.
    The other alternative OPC device is applying the point through high precision mechanical bracket. Ampoule is lifted by mechanical device up to the cutting disk with an height limiter avoiding to exceed the correct cutting depth.
    Both systems allow to keep the same quantity of ink and the same cut depth for all ampoules, so respecting the DIN specifications requested for breaking force.
    Finally the automatic ampoules packing machine is now available with different systems for the job change. In any case the ampoules are filled inside the boxed through vacuum cups. In the PM-A packing machine job change is possible through the removing or addition of blocks to/from the picking arm adjusting its lenght according to the number of ampoules to be picked and to the box dimensions.
    In the case of alternative Kypack machine, the vacuum cups of picking arm automatically adjust their positions according to the box lenght and number of ampoules to be processed.
    In both cases the recipe including data about box, ampoules and filling pattern must be inserted and saves into machine PLC with the possibility to be recalled for a future batch.
    Thanks to these options now available on glass ampoules processing lines, OCMI-OTG S.p.a. increase its capacity to fulfill the different requests coming from the market and consequently its flexibility in front of the most specific requirements.
    The same purpose aimed the new developments under processing for vial forming machines and lines, and especially the new index rotation vial forming machine with 18 stations that is now available and complete the wide range of solutions offered by OCMI-OTG S.p.a..
    All the technical specifications about new integrated solutions of OCMI-OTG S.p.a. and alternative options for each complementary operation will be available during these weeks in a new company website, updating and making a renewed digital material going hand with the present new information technology.

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