Tuesday 3 October 2023

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Tuesday 3 October 2023

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    2021 growth for the glass sector: confirmations from the Study Center of GIMAV

    Il Study Center of GIMAV, The Italian Association of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessories Suppliers, released the sector data for 2021 and the first projections for 2022 in August, delivering the image of a growing reality, despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic.

    The words of the New President of GIMAV, Dino Zandonella Necca, report the association's optimism: "Despite the persistence of some obstacles in operating on the international market and in the supply chain of raw materials and components, the resilience shown by Italian companies in the sector has been commendable" .

    The results of 2021

    By focusing on the data collected by GIMAV for 2021 the following figures are highlighted:

    • the turnover of the sector stood at 2,5 billion euros, registering an increase of 24,3% compared to 2020. In particular, the Flat glass up by 27,7%, Hollow Glass by 17,5% and Accessories and Other Technologies for Glass Processing by 23,5%.
    • The sector confirms its competitiveness on a global scale, with a export / turnover ratio of 68%.
    • Particularly encouraging result is that of exports, up by 18,2%.
    • The recovery compared to 2020 was driven by brilliant performance of deliveries on the Italian market, with + 39,8%.

    Analysis and considerations

    A detailed analysis of the data is proposed by the Director of GIMAV, Fabrizio Cattaneo. “The sector of machinery and technologies for glass processing has shown an excellent ability to recover and adapt to the situation of international markets, influenced by various factors that have limited access. This result was possible thanks to the shift of sales, usually more strongly linked to exports, towards a greater presence on the national market. Proof of this is the data of sales on the national market, where the deliveries of Made in Italy machinery and technologies are the predominant share. Pending international normalization, the increase in presence on the national territory is certainly a good omen ”.

    Focus on the markets

    - United States confirm themselves as the main market for glass processing machinery and technologies (10,4% of total exports), followed by Germany (9,3%) and Spain (7,2%).
    The same countries are the main target markets also for the Flat Glass sector and for Accessories and Other Technologies for Glass Processing, albeit in a different order: with Germany in first place, followed by Spain and the United States.
    Il Mexico the main destination for the Hollow Glass, despite a slight slowdown in 2021. On the other hand, the US market is growing, displacing China from second place.

    Data for the first quarter of 2022

    For the first months of 2022 there is a stabilization of the economic data, which confirms the solidity of the sector, as the President of GIMAV, Zandonella Necca. The turnover of the sector in the first quarter of 2022 records a + 13,7 % compared to 2021. The value of production also stood at + 12,9% compared to 2019.
    The export sector records a positive trend: + 9,4 %, with a resumption of international operations estimated at + 12,3% compared to 2019.
    Last but not least, domestic demand drives them deliveries on the national market, which in April were up by 23,8% if compared to the previous year.

    A conscientious optimism

    As highlighted by Zandonella Necca, President of GIMAV, it is now essential "to monitor the developments and challenges that are emerging - to name a few, the rise in energy prices and raw materials, geopolitical crises, rising inflation, the euro / dollar exchange rate and the correct management of the extraordinary resources of the PNRR. However, it is important to underline the positive growth trend of the national market also in the first quarter of 2022, a sign that the entire Made in Italy glass supply chain is investing in cutting-edge technology to be ready to restart more competitive ".

    Consult the press release with all the data collected by the Study Center of GIMAV clicking here.

    Source: gimav. It

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