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Monday 20 May 2024

automatic translation

Monday 20 May 2024

automatic translation

    Flaska a bottle that loves glass

    Flaska is a glass bottle created to hold water.

    It is made of glass programmed using the TPS procedure. Through this system, the programmed glass changes the vibrational structure of the water.
    In fact, with the Flaska bottle the vibrational structure of the water becomes similar to the structure of the spring water, similar to its natural structure.
    Through the TPS (technology of programming silicon) procedure, a vibrational program that contains different types of natural information is imprinted on the glass.

    The TPS procedure consists of several stages.
    Three symbols are engraved on the glass: the first is the series code (e.g. ACK1), which is used for quality management and control; the second is a circular incision called cosmogram or mandala, which protects the vibrational program in the glass; and the third is an engraving called ORO, which helps to preserve the benefit of structured water.
    Then the bottles are cleared of the "old" vibration and thus the benefit of the program sealed in the glass is increased.
    The bottles in the third phase are programmed with devices designed by the German company Bioaktiv.

    The Flaska bottle is produced with a resistant glass that protects it from falls, bumps and everyday use.

    The Flaska bottle is produced in Italy in a glass factory in Florence.

    Flaska, has an original design and in its two formats (0,50 l and 0,75 l), it has proven to be very resistant.

    Glass is a smart choice, it is safe and respectful of the environment, which is why Flaska is made of glass.


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