Sunday 21 April 2024

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Sunday 21 April 2024

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    The CoReVe competition rewards the green creativity of schools

    A contest of sustainability for schools, with a total prize money of 26.000 euros in Amazon vouchers, aimed at the purchase of educational material.
    This is the project developed by CoReVe, in collaboration with SPARX of H-FARM, to bring the new generations closer to a crucial theme such asThe circular economy, starting from a key material for their future: glass. 

    The invitation to schools

    The contest is aimed at nursery, primary and secondary school pupils of the first and second grade, through an innovative formula designed to facilitate the dissemination of relevant and engaging content about the glass recycling and respect for the environment
    After registering on the CoReVe website, teachers can download it for free 7 digital kits, each designed for the different school cycles, for the structuring of lessons dedicated to sustainability

    The equipment also includes apractical activity, unplugged or digital, designed to fix the theoretical contents and promote the contest mentioned above.
    The competition aims to raise awareness among the new generations and make them protagonists of green change through the ludic-didactic experience, debate and creativity

    Challenges and prizes

    Specifically, there are 4 prizes for the primary school and 6 prizes for the lower secondary school, each worth 2.000 euros. On the other hand, for the second level secondary school, 2 prizes are available, one for the two-year period and one for the three-year period, worth 3.000 euros each. 

    The challenge, for high school students, involves designing real ones startup, capable of solving some of the age-old problems associated with the glass recycling chain. The most interesting projects will be presented and awarded, on the occasion of the final event, hosted in the H-FARM Campus in Roncade (Treviso) on 31 May 2023, by a jury composed of representatives of CoReVe and H-FARM. 

    Classes wishing to participate in the competition are required to upload their entries by:

    •  Friday 19 May 2023 for primary and lower secondary schools;
    • Monday 8 May 2023 for second grade secondary schools.


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