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Friday 21 June 2024

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Friday 21 June 2024

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    Coperni brings the glass of the future to the catwalk with the Air Swipe Bag

    It had been thecult accessory of 2022, had bewitched the catwalks and won the hearts of glass enthusiasts on the occasion of the UN International Year of Glass. The new model debuted during Paris Fashion Week 2024 of Swipe Bag by Coperni, which mixes fashion, science and engineering. 

    A space accessory

    The fashion show of the Parisian brand, founded by the artistic duo Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, is now one of the most awaited events by the public of the fashion week fashion French.  
    Coperni's latest it-bag, which maintains the characteristic porthole, was created thanks to the collaboration with Ioannis Michaloudis, professor of visual arts at the American University of Cyprus. As many as 15 prototypes led to the final version: a "tribute to science fiction" that seems to enclose the astral atmosphere. 

    THEAir Swipe Bag it is a ready-to-wear cloud, composed for the 99% air and for the '1% glass, with small dimensions: 27x16x6 centimeters, weighing 33 grams. Delicate, but extremely resistant, the Coperni air and glass bag is able to withstand very high temperatures and pressures. As? Thanks to the lightest solid known on Earth: airgel. 

    NASA glass

    We are talking about a silica nanomaterial, employed by NASA on the 1999 Stardust probe mission to trap stardust particles. The lightness of this advanced material depends on its density, a thousand times lower than that of glass: airgel is in fact the least dense solid substance in the world. 
    Dubbed frozen smoke Due to its transparency, airgel resembles the consistency of foam rubber or foam to the touch, but does not share its softness.

    Air Swipe Bag is the first bag made of air and the largest object ever made of airgel. At the moment, Coperni has not yet revealed the price of its it-bag for the autumn-winter 2024 collection. How much could this accessory with otherworldly features, a meeting of design, science and poetry, be worth?


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