Thursday 16 September 2021

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Thursday 16 September 2021

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      VITRUM Specialized

      VITRUM Flat Glass

      VITRUM Flat Glass identifies the technologies dedicated to flat glass

      VITRUM Hollow Glass

      VITRUM Hollow Glass distinguishes technologies dedicated to hollow glass

      VITRUM Fenestration

      VITRUM Fenestration is the thematic path dedicated to technologies for windows and frames

      VITRUM Solar

      VITRUM Solar gathers the Exhibitors who direct their offer to the use of solar energy

      VITRUM Automotive

      VITRUM Automotive groups together companies that supply components to the automotive sector

      VITRUM Printing & Coating

      VITRUM Printing and Coating highlights the Companies that dedicate their production to printing and coating

      VITRUM Environment

      VITRUM Environment focuses on companies that dedicate their activities to reduce the impact on the environment

      VITRUM Testing

      VITRUM Testing highlights the companies that, through specific protocols and also thanks to the continuous progress of research, certify and enhance the increasingly cutting-edge performance

      VITRUM Research

      VITRUM Research characterizes the bodies dedicated to the research and development of new technologies

      VITRUM Software & Control

      VITRUM Software & Control is the thematic path dedicated to IT systems, numerical controls and to all support software for the development of technologies

      VITRUM Associations

      VITRUM Associations it is the Specialized that identifies all the international associations in the world of glass

      VITRUM International Press

      VITRUM International Press identifies the specialized sector Technical Press

      Smart glass, an entirely Italian idea

      An all-Italian idea that of smart glass, which is a new material capable of producing energy from absorbed solar rays, and from next year it will be launched on the market by the company Glass to Power. It all starts with a start-up, born at the University. Bicocca of Milan, which has concretized the search for ...


      Eighth of the nine values ​​that make up the Brand Manifesto SCHIATTI ANGELO S.r.l.The Italian company has been among the national and international players for over half a century ...


      VULCAN is the new generation of Intelligent Glass Tempering Ovens, which combines the highest quality materials with excellent technology, which ensure ...

      Low Emissive Mole, the power of Customerization.

      How to go from 9 to 6 minutes per cycle using the Low-E of the M.L.I. S.r.l. La M.L.I. S.r.l. "Mole Lucidanti Italiane" presented on the market ...

      Glass to Glass

      Venice hosts the Glass to Glass exhibition, presents contemporary glass in design and art Venice is a magical city, known all over the world ...

      FOREL S.p.a. presents its latest news at VITRUM '21

      FOREL S.p.a. confirms his confidence in VITRUM as a strategic event for the sector, bringing innovations in terms of automation as usual ...

      Industry 4.0 - flat glass

      We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, a real conceptual evolution in understanding "industry" and the related organizational and production processes.

      MAZZAROPPI ENGINEERING S.r.l.: hardening furnaces accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises

      One of the main problems, if not the main one in absolute, that prevents small and medium glassworks from buying a tempering furnace is precisely ...

      Creaglass by SYSTEM DIGITAL to the VITRUM 2021

      The rich heritage of knowledge and skills in the field of digital decoration of SYSTEM CERAMICS S.p.a. will allow the Fiorano Modenese company to be ...

      Banknote Building Kaunas

      Office Center 1000, also called the "Banknote Building" is a 10-story office building in the shape of a 1.000 LTL banknote ...

      DIAMUT: high quality, durability and unbeatable performance

      DIAMUT is the BIESSE GROUP brand specialized in the production and marketing of diamond tools for working glass, stone and ceramic materials ...

      With COLORGLASS roller coating and drawing printing become fast, versatile and simple

      COLORGLASS is the single-cylinder roller machine designed by Rollmac for enamelling and drawing printing, using an engraved cylinder, of processes that ...


      Seventh of the nine values ​​that make up the Brand Manifesto SCHIATTI ANGELO S.r.l.The Italian company has been among the national and international players for over half a century ...