Wednesday 25 January 2023

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Wednesday 25 January 2023

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    VITRUM Specialized

    VITRUM Flat Glass

    VITRUM Flat Glass identifies the technologies dedicated to flat glass

    VITRUM Hollow Glass

    VITRUM Hollow Glass distinguishes technologies dedicated to hollow glass

    VITRUM Fenestration

    VITRUM Fenestration is the thematic path dedicated to technologies for windows and frames

    VITRUM Solar

    VITRUM Solar gathers the Exhibitors who direct their offer to the use of solar energy

    VITRUM Automotive

    VITRUM Automotive groups together companies that supply components to the automotive sector

    VITRUM Printing & Coating

    VITRUM Printing and Coating highlights the Companies that dedicate their production to printing and coating

    VITRUM Environment

    VITRUM Environment focuses on companies that dedicate their activities to reduce the impact on the environment

    VITRUM Testing

    VITRUM Testing highlights the companies that, through specific protocols and also thanks to the continuous progress of research, certify and enhance the increasingly cutting-edge performance

    VITRUM Research

    VITRUM Research characterizes the bodies dedicated to the research and development of new technologies

    VITRUM Software & Control

    VITRUM Software & Control is the thematic path dedicated to IT systems, numerical controls and to all support software for the development of technologies

    VITRUM Associations

    VITRUM Associations it is the Specialized that identifies all the international associations in the world of glass

    VITRUM International Press

    VITRUM International Press identifies the specialized sector Technical Press

    The Italian recycling industry is breaking records, but it is not satisfied

    The boost given by Legislative Decree 22 of 5 February 1997 has transformed Italy into one of the leading countries in waste recycling at European level. In less than 25 years, the Italian recycling industry has experienced a surprising quantitative and qualitative growth, through the punctual application of the articles of the...

    Digital printing on glass: how many solutions for architecture

    Digital printing on glass is an advanced technology that allows you to print, on glass plates, images, photos, drawings and writings through a ...

    New advances for Grätzel cells: the future of photovoltaics? 

    Scientists from the Lausanne Polytechnic have increased the conversion efficiency of Grätzel cells, thus generating new perspectives for the use of photovoltaics in ...

    A scholarship for medieval glass research

    On the occasion of the International Year of Glass (IYoG 2022), the Italian Committee AIHV - Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre, has announced a ...

    Smart glasses: a constantly growing multi-sectoral demand

    The transportation and architecture sectors are driving demand for smart windows and glass around the world. In particular, the surge in the sale of ...

    Custom CUGHER solutions for glass handling

    CUGHER GLASS S.r.l. for more than 50 years it has been designing and manufacturing systems for screen printing on flat glass, offering a wide range of ...

    TP COMPACT: the revolution in glass tempering

    The new TP Compact furnace for tempering glass is a product of which we are particularly proud, since, with this model, ...

    Adding Value, the new face of Lattuada

    We have embarked on a journey. A journey into ourselves, a journey into what we love most: our company, our reality, the ...

    H2GLASS: the European project for the decarbonisation of glass

    Where electrification is not possible, only hydrogen produced from renewable sources can really help accelerate the energy transition.Green hydrogen is a fundamental ally ...

    Automatic processing of thermoplastic spacers

    LiSEC TPA is a fully automatic system for the application of thermoplastic spacers. Allows maximum flexibility thanks to the ability to switch between sizes ...

    2021 growth for the glass sector: confirmations from the Study Center of GIMAV

    The Study Center of GIMAV, The Italian Association of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessories Suppliers, released the sector data in August ...

    STRATO® Carbon Free is the world's first sustainable interlayer for glass and achieves ISCC + certification

    STRATO®, the only Italian manufacturer of EVA interlayers for laminating safety glass, obtains the ISCC + (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certification, ...

    GFORCE: the only scratch removal system without glass distorsion

    The scratch on the glass surface is an ever-present problem and difficult to solve. If you work with glass, you are dealing ...