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Sunday 19 May 2024

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Sunday 19 May 2024

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    Best Tech Awards: discover the awards for the best technologies of VITRUM 2023

    The meeting was held on Wednesday 17 January ceremony of Best Tech Awards, an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the best technologies exhibited at VITRUM 2023, based on the opinions expressed by visitors present at the Fair.

    The ceremony opened with a brief recap of the XXIII edition of VITRUM, characterized by high-level attendance, international exhibitors and the technological excellence of the vast and dynamic glass processing sector.

    The introductions of Dino ZandonellaNecca (President GIMAV e VITRUM), Nicholas Lattuada (Vice president GIMAV) to Fabrizio Cattaneo (CEO of VITRUM) immediately focused their attention on the awards attributed to the technologies on display, divided into the categories: 

    • Accessories, Components & Other Glass Technologies
    • Software, Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence
    • Robots & Automation
    • Flat Glass Technologies.

    The Best Tech Award for the category “Accessories, Components & Other Glass Technologies” has been assigned to TECNOVATI COM Srl.
    Leonardo Ghizzani, CEO of the company, underlined the pride in seeing TECNOVATI COM's commitment to introducing innovative and green products onto the market, such as the Tecno Sunblock, presented for the first time in Europe on the occasion of VITRUM 2023.

    Best Tech Award

    It was then the turn of SOFTSOLUTION GmbH, which was awarded the Best Tech Award for the category “Software, Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence”.
    Jonas Pfannenstill, International Sales Manager of SOFTSOLUTION, thanked the customers and visitors of VITRUM 2023 for the support received, which motivates the company to constantly improve its technologies and confirm its leadership in the panorama of flat glass software. It also renewed the appointment for the 2025 edition, an opportunity to celebrate twenty years of SOFTSOLUTION since its first participation in VITRUM.

    Best Tech Award

    ADELIO LATTUADA Srl however, the category was secured “Robots & Automation”, thanks to robotic solutions, which guarantee numerous advantages in terms of flexibility, productivity, safety, energy saving and cost reduction.Nicholas Lattuada, Partner of ADELIO LATTUADA, wanted to highlight the international importance of VITRUM as a showcase for the best innovations in the sector.

    Best Tech Award

    A FOREL SpA finally, the Best Tech Award for the category was awarded “Flat Glass Technologies”. He was present at the ceremony Richard Vianello, CEO and Vice President of FOREL, who expressed the company's desire to continue to exhibit its patents and innovations at VITRUM to attract an increasingly numerous international audience and highlight a fair that makes technology its strong point.

    Best Tech Award

    I Best Tech Awards they also rewarded the visitors of VITRUM. Among those who selected the exhibitors deserving of this recognition, four testimonials have been identified who will have the opportunity to enjoy the Premium Glass Experience: an exclusive experience to discover the excellence of the entire glass supply chain. 

    The morning ended with the sector forecasts for the year just ended, which demonstrate a consolidation of growth, also supported by important national and international awareness campaigns on glass and its advantageous properties. 

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