Saturday 20 April 2024

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Saturday 20 April 2024

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    31 Le Rouge: a glass treasure chest for the exclusive Chanel lipstick

    La ductility of glass is certainly one of the most incredible characteristics of this material. Linked to it is another quality that is difficult to find in competing solutions: the refinement.
    He knows it well Sylvie Legastelois, Director of Packaging Creation and Graphic Identity at Chanel and one of the three creators of the lipstick 31 Le Rouge. The most exclusive lipstick of the Maison, inspired by the mirrors that cover the iconic Art deco staircase of 31 rue Cambon, exploits the combination of glass and metal to create fascinating plays of light. 

    The aesthetics of glass in 31 Le Rouge

    We will not go into describing the cosmetic properties of 31 Le Rouge, but we will focus on its packaging, which communicates, from the first glance, a strong link with the world ofhigh perfumery, recalling some details of the famous Chanel n°5. 

    31 Le Rouge also presents itself as a jewel: a faceted casket or a diamond set in a metal cylinder. Classic in its codes, but absolutely modern in its choice of materials, Chanel lipstick offers a durable, iconic and timeless design. A packaging that plays on transparency of glass and on the mastery of a Japanese craftsman, who was able to overcome the complex technical challenge of extra-thin but incredibly resistant walls.

    The Chanel identity

    Resistance is an essential quality for a cosmetic rechargeable and therefore, in principle, durable.
    But it is also the combination of strength and vulnerability, characteristic of glass, demonstrating continuity with the art of Gabrielle Chanel and with the iconic staircase at 31 rue Cambon, where the designer used to attend her fashion shows. 
    31 Le Rouge promotes the search forexcellence, which is the Maison's trademark, and reveals Chanel's desire to combine cosmetics, fashion and jewelry

    Last but not least, the artisanal creation of lipstick allows you to obtain... unique products because they are imperceptibly different. And it is precisely the uniqueness of each 31 Le Rouge lipstick that makes the product so exclusive and makes the wearer feel incredibly special.


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