Tuesday 27 July 2021

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Tuesday 27 July 2021

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      Keep on showing

      The fair VITRUM breaks its temporal and spatial limits with VITRUM Life, the digital soul of the event that keeps you constantly updated on the world of glass: news from exhibitors, market trends, technical insights, news relating to the glass application sectors and more.

      Autoclaves PANINI S.r.l. for layering flat, curved and special laminated glass

      La PANINI S.r.l. is a family-owned company based in Maranello, Modena.The factory has over 5.000 m² of production area and a particularly studied layout ...

      Cellular glass

      In the field of materials for thermal and acoustic insulation, a particular type of glass called cellular glass is used. It consists of a structure with very small pores, separated the ...

      Experience at the service of glass

      La LANZETTA ALDO S.r.l. produces grinding wheels and core bits for glass since 1955. It is one of the few totally Made in Italy companies in the sector, with a completely internal production cycle ...

      Laser engraving on glass

      Laser engraving on glass has its main application in the packaging (bottling) lines of beer, wine and spirits. Glass engraving is one of the most used for marking products intended for large-scale distribution (glasses, bottles ...) but it is also widely requested in some industrial sectors of the building sector (for example, for the production of window glass ). That's how...

      Identifies the technologies dedicated to flat glass 

      It distinguishes the technologies dedicated to hollow glass

      It is the thematic path dedicated to technologies for windows and frames

      It gathers the Exhibitors who orient their offer to the use of solar energy

      It groups together the companies that supply components to the automotive sector

      Highlights the companies that dedicate their production to printing and coating

      It focuses on companies that dedicate their activities to reduce the impact on the environment

      Highlights the companies that, through specific protocols and also thanks to the continuous progress of research, certify and enhance increasingly cutting-edge performance