Thursday 26 May 2022

automatic translation

Thursday 26 May 2022

automatic translation


      Vertical Machining Center ED 101 - The best solution for vertical glass processing!

      ED 101 a vertical machining center that allows you to combine multiple processes in a single plant capable of performing all processes with extreme speed and precision. There...

      Why go back to talking about the security deposit for glass?

      The geopolitical situation heavily interferes with the serenity and productivity of the hollow glass sector. In recent weeks we have already reported the alarm cry raised by the supply chain: products packaged in ...

      Process Evolution: digital opportunities for manufacturing

      Manufacturing is a constantly evolving industry and new technologies push towards process improvement by identifying efficiencies and production trends. The industry doesn't seem ...

      Composite materials: the contribution of glass yarns for a multisectoral diffusion

      Glass yarns are the most commonly used reinforcement in the manufacture of composite materials. The latter are made up of a matrix, that is an organic polymer that needs an 'ally' to remedy its fragility. The characteristics of stiffness and resistance, typical of composite materials, are in fact attributable to the use of glass yarns as reinforcement. The production The processes ...

      Identifies the technologies dedicated to flat glass 

      It distinguishes the technologies dedicated to hollow glass

      It is the thematic path dedicated to technologies for windows and frames

      It gathers the Exhibitors who orient their offer to the use of solar energy

      It groups together the companies that supply components to the automotive sector